Annual Recharge Rate Self-Certification Due February 24

January 24, 2017

Submit Self-Certification Forms or Request Exemption by February 24

Consistent with the new Recharge Budget Process deployed last year, we are integrating recharge activities into the broader FY2017-18 Campus Budget Process and the term of approved rates, to the extent possible, will be aligned with the fiscal year. 

1) If you support a recharge unit with recharge income greater than $50,000 annually:  please coordinate with the unit to complete a self-certification form covering the period July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 and return it to by February 24. This form is required to justify the unit’s recharge rates. Every self-certification must include narrative comments supporting the requested rates and – in the case of a requested rate increase – a clear explanation of why the rate is increasing.

2) If the unit’s revenue has fallen below the threshold of $50,000 annually, or is expected to be in FY2017-18, and the reduction is permanent:   the unit can be exempted from this process. To request an exemption, please send an email to by February 24 advising that your unit no longer meets the criteria for annual self-certification.

Next Steps
The Office of the CFO will compile all recharge rate submissions, prepare a schedule of proposed rates, and provide these materials to the DFLs by early March so you have provisional rates to incorporate in FY2017-18 budget planning. We will aim to communicate final rate decisions in May and have the approved rates posted on the Office of the CFO website shortly thereafter.

More information about recharge activity – including DFL roles and responsibilities, campus policy, a list of recharge units, services provided, and current rates – is on the Office of the CFO website:

If you have any questions about recharge activities, please email Hervé Bruckert, Campus Finance Lead - Recharge, at