Achieve Together process

July 6, 2020

VC Finance Colleagues,

As you probably know by now, we’re transitioning to a new performance management program called Achieve Together. Going forward, rather than an annual review, you’ll have a series of check-in conversations with your manager or supervisor at which you will discuss your ongoing goals and performance. You can read more about the Achieve Together process on their website. This website has resources on coaching, check-ins, goals, criteria, the new online dashboard, and training so please take the time to review the available material. 

The first check-in period for Achieve Together is from April 1, 2020, to July 31, 2020. Managers and supervisors will meet with their staff, set or adjust goals, and document comments on performance for the check-in period. Goals can be set for any length of time based on your work priorities. The Achieve Together team has documented best practices for these check-in conversations. Completion of the online form documenting your check-in conversation is due by Monday, August 31. You will document your conversation, including goals and comments, using the new Achieve Together online dashboard. There is also a new evaluation framework, the Achievement Criteria, to help facilitate clear expectations and to inform performance planning. One change of note is that there will no longer be a second-level sign-off required in the system. 


There are a variety of training options for managers/supervisors and employees. Visit the Achieve Together training page to learn more. Please note that there is an online form user guide, a recommended conversation process, and a program toolkit which are good places to start. 


If you have questions about Achieve Together, please feel free to reach out to your manager or supervisor. Additionally, you can address general questions about the program to or email Business Operations & Communications Lead Heidi Van Yang at

Thank you,

Rosemary Kim, Chief of Staff
Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance