June-July Cal Answers Financials Project Update

The Cal Answers Financials team is making great progress toward the retirement of BAIRS. By October 1, Cal Answers will include all the reporting capabilities currently in BAIRS and access to the dashboards in BAIRS will be closed. If you still need to access your saved BAIRS reports after October 1, they will be available in your personal BAIRS folder until December 21. On December 22, we’ll begin shutting down BAIRS permanently and you will no longer be able to access BAIRS, including your personal folder.

The following releases have been deployed and are now live in CalAnswers:

  • Release 1 (Financial Management Reporting)

  • Release 2 (Gifts and Endowments)

  • Release 3 (Enhanced Financial Management Reporting)

  • Release 4 (HR Position Management, Workforce Detail and Compensation Summary)

  • Release 5 (General Ledger Reporting)

  • Release 6 (Foundation & Fund Deficit Reporting)

  • Release 7 (HR Affirmative Action Dashboard and Termination Report)

  • Release 8 (Multi-Year Reporting, Payroll, Chartfield Lookup, IST Billing, and IST Phone Usage)

Releases that are currently in progress include:

  • Release 9 (Encumbrance & Procurement Reporting):Testing has just completed. We are in the process of implementing final changes, and are on track to go live in September.

  • Release 10 (Permbudg, Dashboard Enhancements and Finance Ad Hoc): Permbudg is in the testing phase. Requirements and Design are being finalized for Development of enhancements and ad hoc. We are on track to go live in October.