Fleet Services Recharge Rates


Unit of Measure

FY17 Rates

Approved FY18 Rates

DMV Registration $/vehicle 361.00 380.00
Non-Compliance Fee $/vehicle/month 76.00 80.00
Vehicle Compliance Fee, Liability & Collision Insurance Billing $/vehicle/month 20.75 21.75
License Plate Replacement $/vehicle 96.00 100.00
Boat Registration Renewal $/renewal 76.00 80.00
Credit Card Transaction Processing $/card/month 5.75 6.00
New/Replacement Fuel Cards $/card 38.00 40.00
New/Replacement Vehicle Rental Card $/card 38.00 40.00
2DMV Pull Notice Initial Enrollment (electronic system) N/A
1DMV Pull Notice monthly fee (electronic system) N/A
Charge research (pass through charges) $/hour 76.00 80.00
Any other service $/hour 76.00 80.00

1denotes billing administration charge per card per month (fuel and rental)

2denotes department may obtain the service directly from DMV