DFL weekly update - July 5, 2019

Divisional Finance Leaders,
Please read below for the Office of VC Finance's updates this week, ending Friday, July 5. Please continue to share the relevant information from these weekly updates (and the updates from the monthly DFL Forums) with the financial analysts in your division.
Review fiscal close information for FY2019
Campus BFS General Ledger System Fiscal Close information for FY2019 is available on the Controller's Office website. If you have questions about fiscal close, please contact the Financial Accounting & Controls team at gao@berkeley.edu.
Approve year-end C&G deficit clearing waivers by Friday, July 5 (today!)
Research Administrators (RAs) or other BFS departmental users should submit FY19 Contracts & Grants Deficit Clearing Waiver Request Forms via the RA Grants WorkCenter no later than Friday, June 28.

The deadline for Divisional Finance Leaders (DFLs) to approve those waiver requests in BFS is Friday, July 5. DFLs should navigate to the following page in BFS in order to approve waivers: Enterprise Components > Forms > Approve/Review a Form. Enter "CGADFCWVR" in Form field.

As a reminder, the following are exempt from the Year-End C&G Deficit Clearing Process and do not require a waiver:
  • Awards with final Financial Reports due after May 31 and before January 1.
  • Awards with an Anticipated Funding Amount recorded in BFS that exceeds the total actual expenses as of June 30. The Anticipated Funding Amount for awards is found in the BFS fund panel on the "Award Info" page.
For the Year-End Deficit Clearing Process on open awards, BFS users can submit the C&G Deficit Clearing Waiver Request Form through the RA Grants WorkCenter starting Monday, June 17. Instructions for RAs are included on the waiver form itself. Access to the RA Grant WorkCenter is obtained by submitting a request via the SARA system. You can read more about the year-end deficit clearing process on the Controller's Office website.

If you have further questions regarding the contracts & grants deficit clearing processes, please contact the Controller's Office at cgahelp@berkeley.edu.
Provide a chartstring for deficit clearing by Friday, July 19
If you have not already, please begin clearing any remaining deficits for year-end FY2018-19 fiscal close. The Department Fund Deficits dashboard is available in Cal Answers to view deficits for non-C&G current funds. We'll be running an automated process to clear any remaining deficits in mid-July.
As part of the deficit clearing process, please also send the Financial Planning & Analysis team a chartstring because if there are deficits that cannot be cleared by the automated process, we will use the chartstring (DeptId and Fund) to manually clear any remaining deficits. Please submit your chartstring to the FP&A team by 5pm on Friday, July 19 via email to centralresourcemanagement@berkeley.edu. Please contact the team at this address if you have any questions.
Payroll in suspense omitted from the deficit clearing process
Due to this being our first year in UCPath, we will not clear any deficits related to payroll in suspense. Balances on fund #69995 and CF1 900000, CF1 900001, or CF1 900002 will not be included in our clearing process. These deficits will remain on your ledger to be resolved at a later time. To be fiscally compliant, we do encourage you to review all deficit balances on the L4-Fund intersection and clear as much as possible before fiscal close. If you have questions, please contact the FP&A team at centralresourcemanagement@berkeley.edu
Open recruitments in the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance
The Office of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) is excited to announce the recruitment for our Trainer and Engagement Lead (Trainer 4) position! Please share the details with your professional network. 

The Trainer and Engagement Lead for FP&A is a unique opportunity that is both highly visible and highly impactful across campus. The level of collaboration and outreach with our campus partners on various financial topics makes this position essential to our broader financial training and engagement plan for UC Berkeley. The attached job posting will provide detail around the responsibilities & qualifications which further outline the importance of filling this position. Candidates can visit careers.berkeley.edu and search #27019 to apply. If you have questions about this position, please contact Divisional Finance Leader Kevin Mack at kevinkmack@berkeley.edu
FY2019-20 approved recharge rates available
The FY2019-20 recharge rates have been reviewed and approved by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and the Recharge Committee. You may review the approved rates on the recharge webpage of the CFO website at cfo.berkeley.edu/recharge. We sincerely appreciate the effort you and your finance teams put into preparing and presenting your requested rates. If you have questions please contact Hervé Bruckert, Campus Finance Lead - Recharges and CBR at: recharge_certification@berkeley.edu.
Org tree change requests
Due to unresolved issues surrounding updating UCPath with org tree changes, the org tree is closed for changes until after fiscal close. DFLs may continue to submit changes for implementation to the tree. For more information:
  • high level summary of the process to approve org tree changes is available on the DFL concierge webpage.
  • An overview of the org tree change submission deadlines is available in the Org Tree Submission and Processing Timeline.
  • Please submit questions and requests for changes to the Org Tree to dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu
  • Note: If you plan to request an Org Node change or Entity Hierarchy redesign, please contact dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu and explain what you would like to change before completing the request form because these changes are typically more complex and involve lengthier consultations.
As a reminder, every week these updates are posted to the DFL webpage so you can reference past updates at any time.
Thank you,
Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance