DFL weekly update - July 17, 2020

Upcoming deadlines at a glance

  • Thursday, 7/30 - Submit Department of Finance template

  • Friday, 8/14 - Submit final corrections to class schedule and instructional record data for summer sessions

  • Tuesday, 8/18 - Submit completed and approved org tree change requests

  • Wednesday, 8/19 - Complete Q4 Key Controls

  • Friday, 8/28 - Complete Q4 FY2019-20 Quarterly Variance Reports

  • Friday, 8/28 - Return signed fiscal close certification letters

  • Monday, 8/31 - Queue commitments for Q1

Budget process

Budget process update

Thank you for attending the Divisional Finance Leaders and Chief Administrative Officers meetings. We’ll follow up with you on the budget process and materials in the next few weeks. 

Department of Finance template is due on Thursday, July 30

This month, the Department of Finance template is due to the Financial Planning & Analysis team by Thursday, July 30. Going forward we will just be including a reminder here and will not be sending out a separate email about this submission. Please submit your completed template to the DFL Concierge email (dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu) with the subject "COVID-19 Cost Impact" and your division name. Please continue to update the new template you submitted last month. Visit the CFO website for frequently asked questions and more information on costs related to COVID-19 and completing the Department of Finance template. If you don’t see an answer to your question in the FAQs, please submit your question to vcfinance@berkeley.edu

Action items

Final corrections to class schedule and instructional record data for summer sessions are due by Friday, August 14The Office of Planning and Analysis (OPA) will be reaching out to your department schedulers and managers and asking them to review their class schedule and instructional record data entry for summer sessions. This information must be finalized in Student Information Systems (SIS) by Friday, August 14. Please contact OPA Research Analyst Kira Blaisdell-Sloan with questions at kbs@berkeley.edu

Submit completed and approved org tree change requests by Tuesday, August 18

The final opportunity to submit approved org tree change requests to be entered in BFS for FY20 was May 18. The org tree is now closed for all changes until after fiscal close. Org tree change requests can be submitted for review and approval anytime during fiscal close as the Financial Planning & Analysis team will continue to review requests to approve in advance of when the tree will open next for org tree changes in August. We recommend that you submit your change request form for review as soon as possible to allow time for the Financial Planning & Analysis team to review your request, follow-up with you for any necessary clarification, approve your request, and allow you time to obtain all required signatures before the Tuesday, August 18 submission deadline. The time needed to review change requests will vary, depending on the complexity of the request. For more information:

  • A high-level summary of the process to approve org tree changes is available on the DFL concierge webpage.

  • An overview of the org tree change submission deadlines is available in the Org Tree Submission and Processing Timeline. All Org Tree change types including Org Node and DeptID movements will be available after fiscal close through November. Please review the Org Tree Calendar for the timeline of allowable org tree changes throughout the year.

  • Please submit questions and requests for changes to the Org Tree to dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu. Note: If you plan to request an Org Node change or Entity Hierarchy redesign, please contact dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu and explain what you would like to change before completing the request form because these changes are typically more complex and involve longer consultations.

Complete Q4 Key Controls by Wednesday, August 19

Please complete and submit the financial reporting and system access reviews by Wednesday, August 19. Please visit the Controller's website for instructions and more information. Email questions about the financial reporting review controls to the Financial Accounting & Controls team at gao@berkeley.edu and questions about the system access review controls to the BFS System Access team at secbfs@berkeley.edu

Complete Q4 FY2019-20 Quarterly Variance Reports by Friday, August 28The Q4 2019-20 variance reports will be sent to you and your Dean/Vice Chancellor by Friday, August 14.If your division has a variance to explain, please complete Report 3A: Division-Level (L3) SRECNA Variance Explanation - Current Funds Excluding Contracts & Grants and Report 3B - Division-Level (L3) SRECNA Variance Explanation for Contracts & Grants and return them to the Director of Financial and Faculty Reporting & Analysis Heidi Hallett at hhallett@berkeley.edu as soon as possible, but no later than 5pm on Friday, August 28. The variances for the fourth quarter are against theQ3 Forecast.

Return signed fiscal close certification letters by Friday, August 28

The FY2019-20 annual fiscal close certification letters will be sent to you and your respective Deans by August 14 for signatures. Please upload the signed letters into your DFL - division’s box file folder by Friday, August 28, 2020. Information about the fiscal close certification letter is available on the Controller's Office website. Contact the Financial Accounting & Controls team with questions at gao@berkeley.edu

Queue commitments for Q1 by Monday, August 31Please complete the applicable form (linked below) to queue commitments by Monday, August 31 for commitments to be funded in the first quarter of FY2020-21. Please note that the following commitments do not need to be queued: Budget Decisions; EVCP TAS and CGC Support; Star Awards; Bear Grants; and Productivity Suite withdrawals. Commitments are processed on a quarterly basis.

Please note that while we're working remotely you must log in through VPN for these forms to work.

Please email dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu with questions.

  • To queue non-faculty commitments, complete the non-faculty commitments form on DFL Knowledge and Resource Portal.

  • To queue faculty commitments, complete the faculty commitments formon the DFL Knowledge and Resource Portal. Faculty commitments are defined for this purpose as Start-up; Retention; ASMD; and Chancellor's Professorships. Chancellor chairs are those that are offered via startup or retention in lieu of an actual chair - until one can be found, and are on central funds. 

  • To check all balances on requested Endowed Chair Funds and plan for those balances in the budget, please refer to the job aids located in the Endowed Chairs section of the DFL Knowledge and Resource Portal to learn how to check the balances in SmartView or Cal Answers

Informational updates

Refreshed FY2020-21 Intersection Detail Reports will be available Friday, July 24As the FY20-21 budget process has been delayed, we have refreshed the Intersection Detail Reports for FY21. These will be published to your divisional folders by the end of the day on Friday, July 24. They will be available in the "FY2020-21 Budget Process Folder", in a sub-folder called "Intersection Detail Reports", with the nomenclature “REV”. The refreshed FY21 Intersection Detail Reports (IDRs)  will help clarify what will be loaded to CalPlan to refresh the budget when we launch. Any changes to commitments made after the report run  date (noted at the top right of the report) will not appear on the IDRs.. The IDRs will not be updated further during the delayed budget process; however, if amounts change, the affected units will be emailed and the amounts will be updated manually in CalPlan. 

Review and update FY21 compensation data as needed

When we opened the FY2020-21 Operating Budget in our HCP planning tool, the employee monthly pay rate was increased 3% to show the expected annual merit. Since then, a systemwide pay freeze for non-represented staff and faculty was announced in May. As it is important that we have an accurate view of our net operating results for decision-making, we have removed the planned 3% merit for monthly paid employees in non-represented job codes where the increase in the system was equal to 3%. No adjustments were made for any other cases. Planners should review comp data for cases where adjustments were not made and make changes as needed. Read the July 2020 release notes for more information.

Benefit Cost TransfersBenefit Cost Transfers are similar to Direct Retros, but instead of changing the funding for salary, you can change the funding for benefits. Benefit Cost Transfers only change the funding source, not the benefit amounts. For example, if funding does not allow for CBR to be on an award, a BCT can be processed to change the fund used for CBR to a discretionary fund. These transactions are fairly rare, so if you are unsure about making a Benefit Cost Transfer, please check with the Controller’s Office at controllers_ucpath@berkeley.edu. For access to this transaction, please submit a SARA request. Training information will be sent out to everyone with access in the near future. 

Learn more about administrative leave types

Information on administrative leave related to COVID-19 is available on the People & Culture COVID-19 resource page. This includes the UCOP guidance on COVID-19 related leaves and job protection, guidelines on returning to campus, and a summary table of leave types for easy reference under the “Leaves & Pay Continuation” section. There is also quite a bit of information relating to leaves in the People & Culture “Hot Topic FAQs”. The COVID-19 leave drop-in sessions are continuing on July 24

FY2019-20 Faculty funding

We continue to transition to new funding processes following the retirement of the PRT with the transition to UCPath. We have now provided funding for all faculty salary actions for FY20 in the permanent budget ledger and the actuals ledger, other than June 2020 separations. We will communicate faculty funding updates for FY2020-21 as we continue our work post-conversion. 

Smart View Excel Interface for Planning

There is a new Smart View course designed for CalPlanning users who are experienced with CalPlan and HCP. Smart View for Planning introduces the functionality in Smart View that will allow planners to enter data into the CalPlan and HCP Forms. This course will be offered from late July through the rest of the year with classes scheduled in advance of the major budgeting milestones. Smart View Ad Hoc for CalRptg is also ongoing. Visit the CalPlanning training page to learn more.

CalPlanning training available

All CalPlanning courses are now available in a blended learning format that combines self-study with online Zoom sessions. Visit the CalPlanning training page to review the course schedule for August and links to enroll in these classes: CalPlanning: Intro & Reporting, Navigating CalPlan, Navigating HCP, and Smart View Ad Hoc for CalRptg.

Changes to the DFL in your division?

If the DFL role in your division is changing, email fpa@berkeley.edu to ensure our website, communications, and training plans are updated. 

As a reminder, these updates are regularly posted to the DFL webpage so you can reference past updates at any time. 

Thank you,Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance