BAIRS, the Berkeley Administrative Initiative Reporting System is scheduled to be retired on December 22, 2018. UC Berkeley is currently in a period of transition from using BAIRS to using Cal Answers Financials as the financial reporting tool on campus. While BAIRS is available, users will continue to be able to login to the system from this page. 

Cal Answers Financials is a multi-release project that will allow approved finance users to do their reporting in Cal Answers rather than BAIRS. Rather than reporting based on a pre-set list of static views and running multiple reports to uncover the detail behind summary numbers, Cal Answers allows users to run reports at the summary level and click a value to drill down to the transaction details behind the value. 

Information about the transition from BAIRS to Cal Answers is available on the Cal Answers Financials webpage at

Contact the Cal Answers Help Desk with questions at