UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)


All undergraduate students enrolled in the spring semester.

Survey Overview

Administered from March until July of the spring semester, the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) survey responses are matched with institutional data to provide a detailed portrait of students' background, academic and co-curricular activities, goals and aspirations, experiences with academic and administrative units, self-assessments of gains in academic and social skills, interactions with other students, engagement in community service and civic activities, perceived obstacles to academic success and many other topics. UCUES data is used for many institutional purposes, including providing undergraduate student input into academic program reviews.For more information, please see the UCUES FAQ.

Overall Responses: Survey Results and Summary of Findings

2014 Overall Results and Summary
2013 Survey Not Administered
2012 Overall Results and Summary
2011 Overall Results and Summary
2010 Overall Results and Summary
2009 Overall Results and Summary
2008 Overall Results and Summary
2007 Overall Results and Summary
2006 Overall Results and Summary
2005 Overall Results and Summary
2004 Overall Results and Summary
2003 Overall Results and Summary
2002 Overall Results and Summary
2001 Survey Not Administered
Fall 2000 Overall Results and Summary
Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 Overall Results and Summary
1998 Overall Results and Summary
1997 Overall Results and Summary

Departmental Responses: Survey Results and Summary of Findings

UCUES results by major and department are reported each year to academic department chairs and deans. They are also considered as part of the Academic Program Review process, and a subset of the results is included in the program review data summaries. The Departmental Results and Summary reflect student satisfaction with aspects of their major and department experience, evaluating areas such as instruction by faculty and teaching assistants, academic advising, and the availability and quality of courses.

2014 Departmental Results and Summary
2012 Departmental Results and Summary
2011 Departmental Results and Summary
2010 Departmental Results and Summary
2009 Departmental Results and Summary

Presentations and Reports

2016 Using Institutional Survey Data to Understand the First Year Undergraduate Experience
2016 Where Berkeley Students Live
2012 The Profile & Experiences of New UC Berkeley Undergraduates on Academic Probation
2012 Student Responses to Academic & Co-Curricular Advising Experiences
2012 The Use of UCUES Data in Planning and Assessment of Undergraduate Advising
2011 Student Feedback on Reading-Review-Recitation Week
2010 Success and Satisfaction of Community College Students
2008 Five Measures of Student Success at Berkeley
2008 Advice and Advising for Undergraduates