Department Directory

Capital Strategies Office:  The Capital Strategies Office provides an integrated approach to planning and development of UC Berkeley’s facilities. The teams work together to bring planning, construction, and development services to the campus with a focus on customer service.  In support of the campus’s mission, their goals are to maximize operating efficiencies and revenue generation opportunities across all (on- and off-campus) real estate.

Rajiv Parikh, Associate Vice Chancellor

Controller's Office:  The Controller's Office provides oversight of various university financial services including financial accounting and controls, accounts receivable, accounts payable, contracts and grants accounting, and payroll. 

Delphine Regalia, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller

Financial Planning & Analysis Office: The Financial Planning and Analysis Office provides objective, accurate, and timely information and analyses to inform campus decision-making and strategic planning. Teams include: Finance & Capital Asset Strategies, Financial Planning & Analysis, and the Office of Planning & Analysis. 

Chris Stanich, Associate Vice Chancellor

Finance & Capital Asset StrategiesThe Finance & Capital Asset Strategies team empowers its partners with the insights that they need to manage the university’s financial and capital resources in a prudent, innovative, and proactive way. They strive to develop long-term financial guidance the campus can trust and provide high-quality strategic, financial analysis to support the short and long-term capital needs of the university.

Adile Qeunnarouch, Director

Financial Planning & Analysis: The Financial Planning and Analysis team manages the Budget Process; Central Resource Management; Financial Planning, Reporting, & Analysis; Financial Systems Management; and VC Administration Finance Management.

Jon Bain-Chekal, Executive Director

Office of Planning & Analysis: The Office of Planning & Analysis (OPA) creates decision support that helps the campus better fulfill its teaching, research, and public service mission and live up to our campus goal of promoting access and excellence. The core values that define how OPA contributes to the campus community include creativity, integrity, collaboration, excellence and stewardship. 

Amber Machamer, Executive Director
University Partnership Program: The University Partnership Program (UPP) builds meaningful, university-wide relationships with business partners by collaborating across units to create partnership opportunities that align with Berkeley’s values and mission of teaching, research and public service.  Amy Gardner, Executive Director
VC Finance Immediate Office: The VC Finance Immediate Office team provides support to the division in the areas of human resources, strategic planning, financial engagement, training, and communications.  Jean Bednarz, Chief of Staff