Cal Answers Financials - May 2018 Project Update

The following releases have been implemented and are now live in CalAnswers:

  • Release 1 (Financial Management Reporting)
  • Release 2 (Gifts and Endowments)
  • Release 3 (Enhanced Financial Management Reporting)
  • Release 4 (HR Reporting Release: Workforce Detail, Workforce Summary)
  • Release 5 (General Ledger Reporting)
  • Release 6 (Foundation and Deficit Clearing)

Releases that are currently in progress include:

  • Release 7 (HR Release 2 - Affirmative Action related reporting and termination report): Requirements and Design has been completed and development started in late April. We are on track to go live at the end of June.
  • Release 8 (Payroll, Multi-Year Reporting and More): Requirements and design have been completed. We are currently in the development phase and are on track to go live at the end of July.
  • Releases 9 (PermBudg, Pcard and Encumbrances): We are currently in the requirements and design phase and development has begun. We are on track to go live in early September.