Cal Answers Financials - February 2018 Project Update

Updates on the upcoming Cal Answers Financials releases are listed below.

  • Release 4 (HR Reporting and Ad Hoc): Completed user acceptance testing, this release is on track for go-live on March 22.
  • Release 5 (General Ledger Rptg): Completed  UAT on March 1 and the project team is reviewing the feedback to implement what is possible by go-live in April.
  • Release 6 (Foundation) and 7 (Affirmative Action Reporting) are both in the development phase and are on track to go live in May.
  • Release 8 (Multi-Year Reporting and more) is in the requirements and design phase and is on track to go live in June. This release concludes the vast majority of Finance (BFS) reporting required to retire BAIRS.
  • Releases 9-10 (PermBudg, Payroll & Deficit Clearing) are in the requirements and design phase on track to go live in August. This release wraps up all the planned development necessary to shut-off BAIRS.
  • Release 11 (Ad Hoc and anything else) is the final planned release which will conclude the critical development prior to BAIRS shutoff. The "anything else" will be identified by a campus survey.