FY2022-23 budget process deliverables


This page outlines the deadlines and deliverables for the FY2022-23 budget process.

Please note that if you have questions about the budget process you can contact your Divisional Finance Leader or the Financial Planning & Analysis team at dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu.

FY2022-23 deliverables

Complete Form A by Tuesday, May 17

Form A is only required for divisions with ladder-rank faculty. An email with the template and instructions was sent to the divisions that need to complete the form. 

The purpose of Form A is to document the resource side (71xxx transfer) of the anticipated net change in permanently budgeted state-funded (19900) faculty for a division’s FY 2021-22 Forecast and FY 2022-23 Operating Budget.

Email the division’s completed Form A to the Financial Planning & Analysis team at dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu by Tuesday, May 17.

Strategic Priorities Template due Friday, May 27

This year, instead of the narrative template, divisions will submit a Strategic Priorities Template. This template outlines the division's key strategic priorities for the next three years and will be used to facilitate the discussion during the budget meetings.

Link: Strategic Priorities Template - download and complete the template.

Complete the Strategic Priorities Template by Friday, May 27, add it to the FY23 Strategic Priorities folder within your divisional folder and email the Financial Planning & Analysis at dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu to indicate it is complete. 

Budgets due in CalPlan by Friday, June 10

Your completed FY22 Forecast and FY23 operating budget is due in CalPlan on Friday, June 10 by 7 pm.

The CalPlanning planning tools (CalPlan, HCP) will close after the deadline so that the Financial Planning & Analysis team can review the budget submissions. The CalPlanning reporting tools (CalRptg, HCPRptg, Smart View) will remain available, with the FY22 Forecast and FY23 Operating Budget Planner Submission available for reporting.

Budget Template due Friday, June 10

The Budget Template has been added to the divisional folders. The templates are located in the Budget template folder within each division's FY2022-23 Budget Process folder. The template is called “FY23 Budget template”.

The Budget Template contains two sections to complete: Budget Planning template and Use of Reserves. The first tab outlines the instructions and the two different sections to complete are listed at the bottom of the Excel file in the different tabs. We also added a Central Commitments tab outlining the Campus Support Commitments (non-General Allocation) to see what has been seeded in future years.

Complete the Budget Template (both sections) by Friday, June 10, add the completed template to your divisional folder and email the Financial Planning & Analysis at dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu to indicate it is complete.

SAMPLE Budget Template

FY2022-23 Budget Template SAMPLE


I. Completing the "Budget Template" sheet

  • Log into SmartView with CalRptg.

  • Go to the sheet with the name "Data Pull for Budget Template" (Green colored sheet)

  • Change the Entity in the POV to your division.

  • Please do NOT make any other changes to this sheet.

  • Refresh SmartView data for the selected entity.

  • Go back to sheet "Budget Template" and work on the budget numbers for FY24 and FY25. Cells highlighted in light blue are the ones you need to edit.

  • The FY22 Forecast and FY23 Budget data are pulled from CalRptg (Version: Planner Submission for Forecast and Working for Operating Budget. Fund: Current funds Excluding C&G). Divisions will need to update their FY22 Forecast and FY23 Operating Budget in CalPlan first, wait for the system to reflect the changes into CalRptg. Remember to refresh the SmartView data in sheet "Data Pull for Budget Template" when you want to see any changes in the FY22 Forecast and FY23 Operating Budget in the template.

  • FY24 and FY25 revisions need to be made in columns H and I (in the light blue cells).

  • Notes: provide brief notes for $ variances over +/- $500K or percentage variances over +/- 5% in the notes section on the budget template.

II. Completing the "Use of Reserves" sheet

  • Itemize your planned use of reserves for FY23, FY24, and FY25 for strategic initiatives (e.g. capital projects, revenue generating activities, etc.) only.