Actualized Forecast & HCP Simplification - January 2018 Project Update

The project team successfully went live with the CalPlan Actualized Forecast on December 19th. The Forecast Working now contains Actuals data for closed months for everything but compensation. We offered demos on the Actualized Forecast and received great feedback on the enhancements. The team is currently working on the second phase of the project, which involves actualizing compensation data, consolidating fund buckets, and implementing enhancements to simplify Human Capital Planning. The second phase of the project is scheduled to go live in February. In order to complete these deliverables, as well as refresh HCP with employee data from HCM, CalPlanning will be unavailable from February 7 - February 21. As part of the training plan, we’ve developed new training materials, introduced classes for new users and demos for existing users, and will provide office hours after compensation data is actualized in February.