Executive Team

Crystal Parkinson

Payroll and Timekeeping Systems and Projects

Elizabeth Chavez

Contracts and Grants Accounting

Natalie Garkusha

Financial Accounting and Controls

Dan Parnas

Accounts Payable

Kirsten Wechling

Accounts Receivable

Tracy Okamura

BFS Business Systems

Adile Quennarouch

Executive Director, Finance and Capital Asset Strategies

Jane Christen

Executive Assistant

Maya Woodson Turman

Director, Business Process and Strategic Analysis

Sara Tecle‐Habtay

Chief of Staff and Strategic Project Manager

Elisabeth Remick

Faculty Budget Analyst

Kevin Mack

Divisional Finance Leader / Training and Engagement Manager

Rita d’Escoto

Director, Budget and Financial Operations

Sereeta Alexander

Director, Office of Planning and Analysis

Amber Hopkins

Director of Communications and Brand Management

Brandon Schneider

Manager of Project Affairs

Anissa Hagedorn

Activation Manager

Deborah Tallyn

Project Manager

Heidi Van Yang

Business Operations and Communications

Nia Eteiwi

Executive Officer