February 6, 2017

The Revenue Plan Template is an Excel workbook of templates to assist Divisional Finance Leaders in determining revenue from new initiatives for FY2017-18. Deans, Vice Chancellors, Divisional Finance Leaders, and Chief Administrative Officers received the template on February 6 via email from AVC-CFO Rosemarie Rae. All divisions are expected to complete and submit a draft version of the template to Scott Shireman (scottshireman@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail)), director of the New Academic Ventures at Berkeley team, by February 28.

The template is only designed for approval of your revenue generation plan in the FY2017-18 budget submission; you’ll need to use additional project planning materials for your teams to execute your approved revenue programs throughout the year. When planning your philanthropy programs, please ensure you adhere to the tenets of Fundraising 2.0 and most importantly, its emphasis on collaboration among fundraisers to enhance the donor experience and drive toward larger, donor-cued pledges and blended gifts, particularly endowments.  

After submission on February 28, your draft template will be thoroughly reviewed by the New Academic Ventures team. The team will respond to you with an update, and possibly preliminary approval of your plan, by March 17. If your revenue plan is preliminarily approved by the team, you’ll be asked to finalize your Revenue Generation Template and submit it by April 21 with the rest of your annual budget submission, including your Strategic Plan Template and budget. Final budgetary decisions, including final approval of your revenue plan, will be made by the Chancellor and Provost. The New Academic Ventures team will monitor approved revenue generation plans throughout FY2017-18 to ensure they remain on target.

Thank you to the entire cross-campus team who contributed to the development of this template. The team was led by Suzanne Sutton, Assistant Dean of Administration & Finance for the College of Chemistry, and Seija Virtanen, Campus Finance Lead - Student Fees in the Office of the CFO.

If you have any questions about the template or corresponding approval process, please contact Scott Shireman via email at scottshireman@berkeley.edu. The online resource hub for the FY2017-18 campus budget process, including the overall timeline, is on my office's website at cfo.berkeley.edu/budgetprocess.