It's time to prepare for the FY2016-17 IT Productivity Suite assessment. By Friday, April 28, please validate the chartstring to be debited for your division. If you do not respond by this date, your division will be assessed on the same chart string used last year. To validate your chartstring: 

  1. Review the "PS Funding Model" tab in this excel file to find your division’s charge amount and chartstring.
  2. Whether you keep the same chart string used last year, or plan to update it, please email with your division name and confirmed DeptID and Fund by Friday, April 28. 
Key reminders:
  • You may review the 'Available Funds' tab in the excel file for a list of acceptable funds.
  • You may not use a contract and grant fund.
  • If you use a non contract and grant restricted fund, please ensure the charge meets the fund restriction terms. 
  • When planning for your division’s FY2017-18 assessment, keep in mind the new rate of $127 per head count was seeded in CalPlan. IS&T communicated this rate via CalMessage on December 5, 2016 with the subject line: “IST Rate Increases Effective July 1, 2017”.
Questions, email the team at