Funding for the FY17 Staff Appreciation and Recognition program (STAR) has been allocated and $2 million is being distributed to divisions at the end of this month. The funding allocation has been sent to the Divisional Finance Leaders and Chief Administrative Officers. 


Fund Allocation
  • Funds were allocated to each unit on a pro-rated basis, using the total annualized salary amount for all non-represented staff and Clerical (CX) bargaining unit staff, excluding students, according to the data from HCM as of July 1, 2016.
  • Journal ZACAM113F dated October 31, 2016 will be posted to distribute funds in late October.
  • Distributions will "top-off" your existing balance (if any) of fund 69741 up to your FY17 allocation amount. Managers are encouraged to fully distribute these funds each year to people who meet the criteria.
Payroll Coding
Incorrect use of account, fund, or earn code can negatively impact your fund balance. It is important to use the proper chartstring when submitting a Spot or Achievement Award. Please make sure the payroll is coded to:
  • Account: 51231 (Failure to use this account will result in CBR rates being applied.)
  • Fund: 69741
  • Earn Code: XSL
If an award is accidentally coded with the incorrect account, finance administrators may make a journal entry to correct. This will also reverse the composite benefit rate (CBR) that was applied.


Please visit the HR website(link is external) for more information about the STAR awards, the nomination form, a chart which summarizes the key differences between the Achievement and Spot awards, and the STAR program guide.
For award program questions, please speak with your Compensation contact(link is external). For allocation-related questions, please contact Campus Budget Office Operations Lead Elisabeth Remick at sends e-mail).