Finance Reform

Finance Reform is UC Berkeley’s initiative to develop a new metrics-informed, internal financial model — the roadmap that governs how revenues and expenses flow on campus — in order to improve transparency, align incentives with campus goals, and simplify our planning and management environment in a multi-year planning framework.  The Finance Reform team works closely with academic and campus leadership to design and implement a metrics-informed and performance-based allocation model for campus.

Campus Temporary Academic Support (TAS) Allocation Reform - Interim Plan

The FY 2016-17 Campus TAS Allocation Reform, part of the larger Financial Reform Initiative, is an interim measure designed to provide allocations to provide Divisions with a base level of Campus TAS support for their undergraduate programs.

Using Metrics to Manage Success

While many at UC Berkeley appreciate the importance of using metrics to manage to success, practices do tend to vary widely.

To learn more, read Louise Davidson's Wisdom Cafe article about the six best practice principles for those who wish to strengthen their performance measurement.