Business Contracts & Brand Protection:  The Office of Business Contracts and Brand Protection (BCBP) oversees business contracts for the Berkeley campus and provides guidance on trademarks and intellectual property. The team values conducting their operations in a socially responsible manner to further the university's mission of teaching, research and public service. 

Maria Rubinshteyn, Director

Communications & Training Office:  The Communications & Training Office provides comprehensive communications, marketing, change management, and training services for the Office of the CFO's strategic and operational priorities. 

Jean Bednarz, Chief of Staff to AVC-CFO

Controller's Office:  The Controller's Office provides oversight of various University financial services including financial accounting and controls, accounts receivable, accounts payable, contracts and grants accounting, and payroll. 

Delphine Regalia, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller

Financial Planning & Analysis: The Financial Planning & Analysis Team provides objective, accurate, and timely information and analyses to inform campus decision-making and strategic planning.

Jon Bain-Chekal, Executive Director

Financial Policy & Institutional Research: Our purpose is to provide support in the areas of Composite Benefit Rates, Indirect Cost Recovery, Institutional Research, OP/Legislative Management, Policy and spedial Projects.

Included in the Financial Policy & Institutional Research department is the Office of Planning & Analysis. The purpose of the Office of Planning & Analysis (OPA) is to create decision support that helps Berkeley better fulfill its teaching, research and public service mission and live up to our campus goal of promoting access and excellence. The core values that define how OPA contributes to the campus community include creativity, integrity, collaboration, excellence and stewardship. Amber Machamer is the Executive Director of OPA.

Cliff Bowen, Executive Director

Finance & Capital Asset Strategies: Our purpose is to empower our partners with the insights that they need to manage the University’s financial and capital resources in a prudent, innovative, and proactive way. We strive to develop long-term financial guidance the campus can trust, and provide high-quality strategic and financial analysis to support the short and long-term capital needs of the University.

Adile Qeunnarouch, Director
Library Bindery:  The Library Bindery provides durable, high-quality library and book binding services to the entire UC system. Serving UC campus libraries, business units, faculty, staff, and students, the Bindery's expert team is dedicated to preserving the rich educational and historical content contained in its library volumes, and to capturing and ensuring the longevity of new publications and printed materials. Eric Anglim, Director
Property Management:  Property Management is responsible for post-purchase processes associated with many of the physical goods required by the campus, as well as providing related useful services.  Eric Anglim, Director
Supply Chain Management, UC Berkeley:  Supply Chain Management provides supply chain services that will support the academic and research mission; provides guidance and supply chain process tools to campus departments and to central administration units; and ensures controls in the supply chain and maintain the highest level of compliance with UC policy and applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
Stacey Templeman: Acting Chief Procurement Officer
University Health Services - Tang Center:  University Health Services (UHS) provides medical, mental health, and health and wellness programs for faculty, staff, and students. UHS also manages the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), a comprehensive major medical insurance plan providing medical, mental health, prescription, vision, and dental services to 22,000 students. Claudia CovelloExecutive Director